Commercial Architecture

Commercial Architecture Solutions for Clients in Australia

P1 Architects is about providing businesses with the best possible setting to serve their customers. Great commercial architecture is in the details. It creates a space that welcomes returning customers and invites new ones: inside and out. It speaks to a brand in every detail, and is highly functional for both guests and employees alike.

Successful projects require not only careful planning, but also a skilled architect and a highly capable design and engineering firm (ideally working under one roof). Together, they must have years of hands-on retail design experience with leading national brands, as well as an in-depth understanding of municipal bylaws around building and land-usage, branding requirements, and other common building and construction challenges.

Commercial Architecture Design

Setting building enclosure performance goals at the beginning of the design process allows us to better meet those goals, extending the service life of a building while improving occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

Commercial Architecture Design

P1 Architects Projects

P1 Architects work on commercial projects typically begins with either a forensic investigation of a known problem or with a general building enclosure condition survey to determine the areas of the building that may be deteriorating and in need of repair. The field investigation is followed with the development of prioritized repair recommendations, typically outlining several approaches that clients may select depending on their constraints and preferences. P1 Architects then produces construction documents that provide detailed repair drawings to address the specific concerns identified in the field investigation as well as to ensure the long-term performance of the building enclosure as a whole.


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