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Commencing a relationship with an architect involves working through a range of architectural services in a structured process which corresponds to your individual journey. So it’s important that you take the time to get the first steps right, to ensure the last steps in the process run smoothly. That’s why we have our Design Options Assessment and our Pre-Purchase Design Advice – our needs and options review services.

We take pride in delivering environmental house design and building projects that enhance lifestyles and meet your needs. We will need to work in a collaborative partnership with you.

Commercial Architecture

Our Design Options Assessment includes a minimum 2 hour meeting and an optional written report. No illustrations, drawings or plans are included at this stage.

Optional Needs and Options Assessment

A written summary of your thoughts examined against your building constraints.

Architectural confirmations, new ideas, new options, suggestions and recommendations, including staging ideas as needed.

A diagrammatic diagnosis analysis against your needs and your site needs.

A full list of Town Planning and Building Approvals necessary to get your project off the ground, a guide to how long it will take, and a guide to costs.

A full list of professional consultants you will need to engage to see your project through to completion (e.g. architect, engineers etc.).

A build budget as a rough opinion of cost of what can be achieved in the parameters of your budget and what else may be needed.

A prospective time frame from start to finish.

A proposal in package format of your dion seminara architecture fees from Step 2 and any optional service you might like.


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